The mandate of the Rogers-J.-A. Bombardier Chair is focused on the advancement of scientific knowledge supporting entrepreneurship, namely the dynamics involved in the emergence, launch and initial growth of new, innovative commercial activities (e.g. introduction of new products, services or processes in one or several markets) via various means (e.g. new businesses, existing businesses, not-for-profit organizations or self-employment).

This mandate involves relevant research with various partners in the Montréal ecosystem, through teaching, training and mentoring specialized students and junior professors, as well as through sustained involvement in activities relating to knowledge dissemination and promotion of the School, both here and abroad.


Professor Jean-Marie Toulouse was the first to hold the Chair (1988-1994), before later becoming Director of HEC (1995-2006). Dr. Toulouse was appointed Professor Emeritus in May 2010, and he continues to provide invaluable services to HEC.

Professor Louis Jacques Filion succeeded him and held the Chair from 1995 until his retirement in June 2016. Today, Dr. Filion is an Honorary Professor and continues to contribute actively to the advancement of teaching in entrepreneurship in Quebec and abroad.

Professor Denis A. Grégoire was appointed to the Chair in June 2017.

Programs associated with the Chair

Thanks to the strength and diversity of its network, Anges Québec is a business catalyst that strategically accompanies angel investors as well as passionate and innovative entrepreneurs in reaching their international ambitions.

The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies. Building on HEC Montréal’s Executive Education’s leadership, CDL-Montreal runs a program focused on artificial intelligence and data science ventures, for both general and supply-chain applications.

Next AI – Montréal Next AI is an accelerator and founder development program for artificial intelligence based ventures. Offered in Montreal under the leadership of HEC Montréal’s Executive Education, Next AI is part of Next Canada’s portfolio of programs.